KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings Bearings of the grippers in film stretching machines

Sector: Packaging industry

Product used

KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearing lange bush design PAF … P10


To give film special characteristics, e.g. tear strength or shrink properties, the films are machined on film stretching machines. The machined films are used for packaging and in technical areas of application, for example. Hundreds of carriages are arranged one behind the other in ilm stretching machines. These carriages are known as grippers and are used for gripping and clamping the film.

Bearing of the grippers on ilm stretchingmachines with KS PERMAGLIDE® P10 plain bearing lange bushes

The bearing positions are subject to an oscillating movement. The bushes are used in continuous operation for up to 4 years.

Advantage: Reliable function of the bearing with KS PERMAGLIDE® P10 plain bearings

  • Maintenance-free operation under dry-running conditions
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low friction value
  • suitable for oscillating movements up to a speed of 2 m/s
  • Temperature range -200 °C to 280 °C

Note for the food industry

The material P10 contains lead and must not be used in the food sector. The unleaded materials P14 and P147 are used for the food sector.


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