Bearings in cleated chains on high bay lift trucks

Sector: Forklift truck technology, transport device construction, storage technology

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High bay lift trucks transport pallets or receptacles in high bay warehouses between the shelves and the picking stations. The lift truck lifts and lowers the receptacle or pallet holder while moving through the aisles. The receptacles are placed in or removed from storage by a transfer device. The transfer device extends out of the lift truck at the side and aligns the receptacle holder to the shelf.

High bay lift trucks are used in normal temperatures, but also in refrigerated warehouses down to temperatures of -30 °C.

Bearings in cleated chains on high bay lift trucks with KS PERMAGLIDE plain bearing bushes, type PAP … P200

Bearing with KS PERMAGLIDE P200 plain bearing bushes

In the transfer device, two double roller chains hook a driver into the angle trims of the receptacle and slide the receptacle into the shelf to put it into storage. A journal with rollers is mounted with bearings in the driver, which reduces the wear between the driver and angle trim of the receptacle. Low-maintenance plain bearing bushes made from KS PERMAGLIDE® P200 material were pressed into the rollers of the driver. This means that the bearings turn smoothly around the journals.

Requirements for the bearings in high bay lift trucks

  • high operational safety
  • long service life
  • low maintenance requirements
  • insensitive to heat, cold, dirt, moisture
  • simple design


Advantages of the KS PERMAGLIDE P200 plain bearing bushes for use in high bay lift trucks

  • low-maintenance operation and long service life
  • smooth turning
  • high pressure resistance
  • high wear resistance
  • insensitive to dirt and moisture
  • insensitive to cold and heat
  • Lead-free
  • Compliant with Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS II)

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