KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings: Sliding guidance in automatic placement machine

Sector: engineering, plant engineering

Product used


Automatic placement machines are used e.g. in the production of printed circuit boards. The printed circuit boards are placed on a longitudinally movable slide. The gripper of the placement robot places electronic components on the printed circuit boards.
Automatic placement machine

Requirements for the bearings

  • smooth-running a jerk-free guidance
  • high cleanliness
  • low installation dimensions
  • simple design
Bearings in a sliding guidance with KS PERMAGLIDE® sliding strips, type PAS … P10

Bearing with KS PERMAGLIDE® P10 strips

In the application, the bearing of the sliding guidance was achieved with 2 maintenance-free sliding strips made from the material KS PERMAGLIDE® P10. The slide glides smoothly and jerk-free on the strip and can thus be positioned extremely precisely.

Advantages of the KS PERMAGLIDE® P10 sliding strips for use in sliding guidance

  • The jerk-free and low-noise operation of the slide is guaranteed by the low friction value and the good sliding properties of the P10 sliding strips.
  • KS PERMAGLIDE® P10 is suitable for dry running, meaning that the surrounding area is not soiled by lubricant.
  • The bearing with strips requires minimal installation space.
  • A simple design is achieved by sticking the strips onto the frame.

Further advantages of the material KS PERMAGLIDE® P10

  • very low stick-slip tendency
  • low wear
  • good chemical resistance
  • no tendency to fuse with metal
  • largely resistant to swelling
  • does not absorb water
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