KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings: stator blades in pumps and turbines

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In storage power stations, water is pumped into higher-lying storage reservoirs using cheap night-time electricity. At energy demand peaks, the water is allowed to low back down to drive a turbine. In the process, the turbine drives a generator to produce electricity. In order to set the optimum operating point in the pump as well as in the turbine operation, swivelmounted stator blades are itted between the ring channel and impeller.
Turbine Hoover Dam

Bearing with KS PERMAGLIDE® P11 plain bearing bushes

The bearing for the stator blades are manufactured with maintenance-free plain bearing bushes made from KS PERMAGLIDE® P11. This has eliminated the need for additional lubricant. High static compressions arising from the lowing medium permanently afect the bearing. In addition, there are high-frequency vibrations. The plain bearing has direct contact with the water. The material with bronze backing and PTFE sliding layer does not display any signs of corrosion. Similarly, tribocorrosion does not occur because the sliding metals are separated by the layer of PTFE. KS PERMAGLIDE® P11 does not absorb any water, allowing the plain bearing to maintain its dimensions. Moreover, the high wear resistance always provides a constant operating bearing clearance, which would otherwise have a negative inluence on the eiciency of the pump or turbine. The service life of bearings made of KS PERMAGLIDE® P11 is thus exceptionally long, with costly maintenance intervals being reduced.
KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearing bush design PAP … P11

Advantages of KS PERMAGLIDE® P11 plain bearing bushes:

  • Does not absorb water
  • Largely resistant to swelling
  • High corrosion resistance thanks to bronze backing, no additional corrosion protection required
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low wear
  • Good chemical resistance, especially suitable for use in aggressive media
  • Operating temperature range of –200 °C to +280 °C
  • Very low stick-slip tendency
  • Low friction value
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