KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings: surrounding structure in rolling mills

Sector: engineering, plant engineering

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Surrounding structures are used to accelerate and brake the metal bands in rolling mills. In the surrounding structure, 2 carriage chains press on the metal bands, which stretches and aligns the metal bands.

The two chain carriages are connected with connecting pieces. The bearings of the connecting pieces are constantly carrying out small swivel movements. The surrounding structures causes high pressures to act on the bearings. The bearings are also subject to dirt and high temperatures.

Surrounding structure chain carriage

Requirements for the bearings in the surrounding structures of rolling mills

  • constant operating bearing clearance, as a metal band is pulled crookedly in the event of bearing clearance
  • simple design
  • quick installation
  • low maintenance requirements
  • high pressure resistance for safe force transmission from the frame to the chain
  • insensitivity to dirt and high temperature

Bearing with KS PERMAGLIDE® P11 flange liners

In the application, the bearings in the chain carriage of the surrounding structure were achieved with maintenance-free flange liners made from the material KS PERMAGLIDE® P11. The flange liners were pressed in to the connecting pieces between the chain carriages. The flange liners are fixed in place using press fit and require no additional fixing. This guarantees reliable, clearance-free function of the chain carriage.
Bearings in a chain carriage with KS PERMAGLIDE® flange liner in design PAF … P11

Advantages of the KS PERMAGLIDE® P11 flange liners for use in surrounding structures

  • maintenance-free
  • low wear
  • practically constant operating bearing clearance
  • high corrosion resistance thanks to bronze backing
  • extremely good thermal conductivity
  • simple design and easy mounting
  • no hardened interacting sliding surface required
  • high pressure resistance
  • insensitive to dirt, meaning that no gaskets are required
  • can be used at high temperatures (up to +280 °C )

Further advantages of the material KS PERMAGLIDE® P11

  • no additional corrosion protection required
  • good chemical resistance, including in environments with aggressive media
  • operating temperature range of -200 °C to +280 °C
  • largely resistant to swelling
  • does not absorb water
  • very low stick-slip tendency
  • low friction value
  • no tendency to fuse with metal
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