Strips, Slide paths PAS

KS PERMAGLIDE® Strips PAS are available as an even material section. This material section can be used to make sliding elements in a variety of shapes.

If these material sections are used to create slide paths, they have the following main functions:

  • Absorbing and transferring forces acting vertically to the running surface
  • Fixing moving components to each other
  • Ensuring guidance accuracy for axial movements over the entire service life

KS PERMAGLIDE® Strips are available in two material groups:

  • Material group P1 for maintenance-free, dry-running applications
  • Material group P2 for low-maintenance, lubricated applications

For the advantages of each group and help deciding which material group is best for the relevant use, please refer to the information provided in the section cylindrical bushes, flange liners and thrust washers.

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