Thrust washers PAW


Main function:

  • Absorbing and transferring axial forces coming from one direction
  • Fixing moving components to each other
  • Ensuring axial guidance accuracy over the entire service life

KS PERMAGLIDE® Thrust washers PAW are available in two material groups:

  • Material group P1 for maintenance-free, dry-running applications
  • Material group P2 for low-maintenance, lubricated applications

When is it best to use P1 thrust washers?

  • if lubrication (oil, grease) is not possible or not permitted
  • for operating temperatures between -200°C and 280°C
  • or low to medium sliding speeds, depending on the type of material max. 0.8m/s to max. 2m/s
  • if high axial loads occur. In contrast to flange liners, thrust washers have practically 100% bearing
  • surfaces available and can therefore accept higher axial loads

When is it best to use P2 thrust washers 

  •  where lubrication (oil, grease) is used
  •  where higher sliding speeds (up to 3.3m/s) are required
  •  for increased impact load or edge loading
  •  where exact flatness is achieved through machining (not P20 and P202)

Basic advantages of thrust washers from the P1 or P2 group:

  • low installation space requirements
  • extremely easy assembly
  • low friction value
  • good chemical resistance


Please comply with the temperature range of -40°C to 110°C. Thrust washers should be secured where required. This can be achieved via pinning, screwing, sticking or other construction measures.
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