Welded flange liners

Individual flange dimensions, different materials, individual wall thicknesses, other designs


The ideal plain bearing for your requirements:

Special productions of KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearing flange liners are created with a thrust washer and a bush through welding. This means that, depending on the requirement, different materials can be used for the bush and the cylindrical part of the flange liner, e.g. by combining a bush made from KS PERMAGLIDE® P200 and a thrust washer made from KS PERMAGLIDE® P14, see examples below. Depending on the axial or radial stress, flange liners with an individual wall thickness are required, which can also be manufactured as special production. Flange liners with individual dimensions can also be created in the liner flange area.
  • Production in accordance with the highest quality standards with tolerances to meet DIN ISO 3547
  • Special productions are available in all KS PERMAGLIDE® standard materials (special materials on request)
  • The manufacturer KS Gleitlager has over 15 years of expertise in welding composite materials
Advantages of welded flange liners
Manufacturing the individual flange liners

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Application examples

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