Environmental influences on plain bearings


Design of the interacting sliding part

In a tribological system, the shaft (in the case of radial bearings) or the ressure shoulder (in the case of thrust bearings) should project over the sliding surface to maximise the contact ratio and prevent running-in with deposits in the sliding layer.

Interacting sliding partner

The operational safety and durability of a maintenance-free or low-maintenance bearing position depend not only on the load collective and lubricant for lowmaintenance bearing positions, but also on the material and surface of the interacting sliding part. The materials of the interacting sliding parts may exert a considerable influence on the wear properties and durability of the plain bearing.


Static charging and electrical conductivity

For every friction combination, electrostatic charges can arise which can cause unwanted sparks to lash over to the components concerned. This mainly afects electrically insulating materials, such as plastics.