Calibrating the bearing bore after mounting

(Only applies to P1 plain bearings)


KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings are ready to install on delivery, and should only be calibrated if a bearing clearance with a narrower tolerance cannot otherwise be reached.


Calibration considerably shortens the service life of KS PERMAGLIDE® P1 bushes (see Tab. 1).
Figure 1 shows calibration using a mandrel. Table 1 contains standard values for the diameter of the calibrating mandrel dK. Precise values can only be ascertained through tests.
1 Calibrating mandrel, case hardening
depth Eht > 0.6, HRC 56 to 64
3 Housing
B Bush width l DiE Diameter of the bush in press-fit state l dK Diameter of the calibrating mandrel l r Edge, rounded

Better possibilities

The bearing clearance tolerance can be reduced through the following measures, which do not adversely affect service life:
  • Narrower tolerances for housing bore
  • Narrower shaft tolerances
Desired inside diameter of bush Diameter of  calibrating mandrel1) dK Service life2)
DiE - 100% LN
DiE+0.02 DiE+0.06 80% LN
DiE+0.03 DiE+0.08     60% LN
DiE+0.04 DiE+0.10 30% LN

Tab. 1: Standard values for the calibration mandrel diameter and the reduction in service life

DiE Inside diameter of the bush in press-fit state.
1) Standard value, based on steel housing.
2) Standard value for dry running.

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