Material information

P11...maintenance-free and robust

P11 is a leaded, robust sliding material with maximum tribological performance. It is designed for maintenance-free, dry-running applications, but can also be employed in systems with liquid lubrication. The use of grease as a lubricant with P11 is only possible to a limited extent, and is not recommended.

Material production

The solid lubricant mass is produced in a specially adapted mixing process. In a parallel, continuous sintering operation, bronze powder is sintered onto the steel or bronze back as a sliding layer. This produces a sliding layer with a thickness from 0.2 mm to 0.35 mm and a pore volume of approx. 30 %. Next, the cavities are filled with solid lubricant by means of impregnating rollers.

This process step is controlled in such a way that a running-in layer of solid lubricant up to max. 0.03 mm thick is produced above the sliding layer. In further thermal treatments, the characteristic properties of the material system are adjusted, and the required thickness tolerances of the composite material are produced using controlled roller pairs.


The materials P11 contain lead and must therefore not be used in the food sector.

Plain bearing production

Standard designs for plain bearings are

Sliding elements in a great variety of designs are produced from P10 and P11 in cutting, stamping and shaping processes.

In a final step, plain bearings manufactured from P10 undergo corrosion protection treatment on the bearing back, face reliefs and striking faces.

Standard version: Tin
layer thickness: approx. 0.002 mm

Additionally, P10 plain bearings can be supplied with improved corrosion protection coating “Zinc, transparent passivated”, on request.

P11 does not require any additional corrosion protection.

Tin is used as temporary corrosion protection and an assembly aid.

Characteristics of P11

Material P11 is recommended for more stringent requirements in terms of corrosion resistance or for use in aggressive media.

It has some advantages over P10 in this respect:

  • Very good thermal conductivity and therefore greater reliability
  • Anti-magnetic

Hydrodynamic operation

Use in hydrodynamic conditions is possible without problems up to a sliding speed of 3 m/s. Continuous operation of over 3 m/s runs the risk of current erosion or cavitation. Motorservice offers the calculation of hydrodynamic operating conditions as a service.

Material composition

Layer systems, chemical composition, material characteristics

  • Layer systems P11

    1. Running-in layer

    PTFE matrix with bulking agent¹
    Layer thickness [mm]:max. 0.03

    2. Sliding layer

    Layer thickness [mm]:0.20–0.35
    Pore volume [%]:approx. 30

    3. Bearing back

    Steel thickness [mm]:Variable
    Steel hardness [HB]:80-160

    1 The pores of the sliding layer are also filled with this lubricant mass.

  • Chemical composition

    Running-in layer

    Components% Weight

    Sliding layer

    Components% Weight
    Sn9 to 11

    Bearing back

    MaterialMaterial information
    BronzeCuSn 6
    DIN 17662
  • Material characteristics
    Characteristic values, load limitDesignationUnitValue
    Permitted pv valuepvzul.MPa·m/s1,8
    • Static
    • Dynamic
    • Dry running
    • Hydrodynamic operation
    Continuous operation temperature   
    • Min.
    • Max.
    Thermal expansion coefficienta Bronze10–5 1/K1,7
    Coefficient of thermal conductivityl BronzeW/m/K<=70

Models and tables of dimensions

Model range P11 with bronze back, maintenance-free

  • Strips PAS.. KS PERMAGLIDE P11
    PAS 20180 P115001802,0
    PAS 10160 P115001601,0
    PAS 15180 P115001801,5
    PAS 25180 P115001802,5
  • Bushes PAP.. KS PERMAGLIDE P11
    PAP 0406 P11466
    PAP 0505 P11575
    PAP 0606 P11686
    PAP 0610 P116810
    PAP 0808 P118108
    PAP 0810 P1181010
    PAP 0812 P1181012
    PAP 100115 P11100105115
    PAP 1005 P1110125
    PAP 10060 P1110010560
    PAP 1010 P11101210
    PAP 1015 P11101215
    PAP 1020 P11101220
    PAP 1210 P11121410
    PAP 1212 P11121412
    PAP 1215 P11121415
    PAP 1220 P11121420
    PAP 1225 P11121425
    PAP 1415 P11141615
    PAP 1515 P11151715
    PAP 1525 P11151725
    PAP 1615 P11161815
    PAP 1625 P11161825
    PAP 1815 P11182015
    PAP 1825 P11182025
    PAP 2015 P11202315
    PAP 2020 P11202320
    PAP 2025 P11202325
    PAP 2030 P11202330
    PAP 2215 P11222515
    PAP 2220 P11222520
    PAP 2225 P11222525
    PAP 2430 P11242730
    PAP 2525 P11252825
    PAP 2530 P11252830
    PAP 2830 P11283230
    PAP 3020 P11303420
    PAP 3030 P11303430
    PAP 3040 P11303440
    PAP 3520 P11353920
    PAP 3530 P11353930
    PAP 4050 P11404450
    PAP 4550 P11455050
    PAP 5030 P11505530
    PAP 5040 P11505540
    PAP 5060 P11505560
    PAP 5540 P11556040
    PAP 6040 P11606540
    PAP 6050 P11606550
    PAP 6060 P11606560
    PAP 6070 P11606570
    PAP 7050 P11707550
    PAP 7070 P11707570
    PAP 80100 P118085100
    PAP 8060 P11808560
    PAP 90100 P119095100
    PAP 9060 P11909560
  • Flange liners PAF.. KS PERMAGLIDE P11
    PAF 06080 P11688
    PAF 08055 P118105,5
    PAF 08095 P118109,5
    PAF 10070 P1110127
    PAF 10120 P11101212
    PAF 10170 P11101217
    PAF 12070 P1112147
    PAF 12090 P1112149
    PAF 12120 P11121412
    PAF 15120 P11151712
    PAF 15170 P11151717
    PAF 16120 P11161812
    PAF 18100 P11182010
    PAF 18220 P11182022
    PAF 20115 P11202311,5
    PAF 20165 P11202316,5
    PAF 25215 P11252821,5
    PAF 30160 P11303416
    PAF 30260 P11303426
    PAF 35260 P11353926
    PAF 40260 P11404426
  • Thrust washers PAW.. KS PERMAGLIDE P11
    PAW 12 P1112241,5
    PAW 42 P1142662,0
    PAW 48 P1148741,5
    PAW 14 P1114261,5
    PAW 28 P1128481,5
    PAW 26 P1126441,5
    PAW 20 P1120361,5
    PAW 22 P1122381,5
    PAW 38 P1138621,5
    PAW 18 P1118321,5
    PAW 32 P1132541,5
    PAW 52 P1152782,0
    PAW 16 P1116301,5
    PAW 10 P1110201,5
    PAW 62 P1162902,0

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