Plain bearing mounting

Press-in force and joint pressure

Press-in force and joint pressure are interdependent. The joint pressure occurs between the housing bore and the surface of the bush jacket. It can be understood as a measure of how securely the bush its in the housing. Together with other factors, the joint pressure inluences the amount of press-in force.

Design and layout of bearing assembly: housing

KS PERMAGLIDE® bushes are pressed into the housing and ixed radially and axially.

Calibrating the bearing bore after mounting

KS PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings are ready to install on delivery, and should only be calibrated if a bearing clearance with a narrower tolerance cannot otherwise be reached. The bearing clearance tolerance can be reduced through specific measures, which do not adversely affect service life.

Press-fitting methods

KS PERMAGLIDE® bushes can simply be pressed into the housing bore. Applying a little oil to the back of the bush or the housing bore facilitates the press-fitting operation.